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KII/Suns River

Water From the Sun For a Thirsty World

Salty water to Pure

Suns River Solar Still produces fresh, pure water from sea water, brackish or other contaminated water using 99+% solar energy and capturing dry salt for sale, conversion to building materials or safely sequestering at your site. This technology is simple, user friendly and easy to operate. If you can operate a pump you are ready to go. The solar equipment can serve one family with basic needs or, with the SunXFlash® option can use abundant solar energy to serve a community or industry. 

Top Quality Water

Suns River product is mineral free and free from dangerous bacteria and viruses. If you are among the one billion people now drinking and cooking with unsafe water Suns River could be the answer you seek. Suns River technology is covered by US Patents 8,088,257 and 8,580,085 and Australian Patent 2008317021. This water solution is available by either license of the technology or by working with Suns River directly to design, build and start your pure water flowing.

Desert Farming

Using solar energy to meet current and future water needs makes sense because of the low carbon footprint, nil environmental impact and the ability to process a wide range of bad water into good, drinkable water. 

After centuries of failure, there is finally a way to use solar power to desalinate salty water, produce pure water for home and farm use and have housing in raw desert. The project uses 100% solar energy, feeds seawater, produces distilled water and dry salt and demonstrates a whole new concept in economical desert living. We’ll let the site speak for itself.

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We thank you for visiting our website. We value your input and look forward to hearing from you about your water needs. Our technology can be sized for one household or a community. With no need for disposal of concentrated brine and over 85% recovery of feed water to product - your water worries can be over.